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Everyone that wants to be in a clan party needs to be on ventrilo!!! You dont have to speak but must hear!!! Info found in Clan Rules Section...
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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:08 pm

1. Must have ventrilo you can get it you do not have to talk but you must be able to hear
2. Must register for the forum and read the rules
3. All Knights and Royal Guards are clan leaders and must be treated as such.
4. If you have friends in other clans i do not care but if your clan mate is being attacked by them you must help clan ALWAYS. if they dont want to die then they need to drop tag and join nonfactor you can request this with leaders.
5. ALL clan members that are online during a clan event including and not limited to: seiges and pvp which are organized by a Knight, Royal Guard, or Clan Leader will attend.
6. Treat all your fellow clannies with respect as you would like them to treat you no killing of clan members will be tolerated.
7. No clan member will engage in flaming or bickering in global chat, you can talk all you want in white chat but i do not want to see it on global it makes the clan appear noobish.
8. If you get mad at another clan member or someone in ally do not quit clan unless you plan to never come back, also problems within clan do not get aired on ally chat keep it in the clan.
9. During clan events no matter seige, raid, or pvp.... do NOT start duels or flagging unless ok'd by the leaders.

more to come...
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Clan Rules
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